Carepath At Home

CAREpath@home is part of the continuum of support for oncology patients at home.

Currently, the CAREchart@home symptom management program is available to oncology patients. Stay tuned as CAREpath@home will be introducing more services in the future.

CAREpath@home is a division of Bayshore HealthCare Ltd. and was created to bridge patient care from hospital to home, while ensuring continuity of care with their treatment team.

  • What Is CAREchart@home?

    How do I contact the service?
    1. Call toll-free 1-877-681-3057
    2. An intake coordinator will answer your call and transfer you to a specialized oncology nurse to assist you.
      If the nurse is not immediately available, the nurse will call you back within 15 minutes.
    What are the hours of CAREchart@home symptom management telephone line?

    Weekdays: 5:00 pm to 8:30 am
    Weekends and Holidays: available 24 hours
    CAREchart@home is available only when your treating hospital clinic is closed.

    How will my oncology team / clinic know what happened?

    A nursing note will be sent to your oncology clinic team immediately after your contact with the nurse. You may be asked to follow up with your clinic oncology nurse the next day.  If so, the clinic will have received the information about the telephone call from the night before.

    Do I need to do anything else to use this service?

    You will be given a one-page document with your diagnosis and treatment details on it. As it contains your personal health information, keep the document in a secure place. This information is required for the oncology nurse assisting you.

  • What Clients Say

    “the nurse was amazing!!!! And this was 4 o’clock in the morning!”